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Addressing your Wellness Concerns

Nutritional Intake and Metabolic Needs
Detoxification and Cleansing
Joint Pain and Muscle Soreness
Inflammatory Conditions
Improving Sleep Onset and Quality
Skills for Stress Management
Anxiety Support
Adrenal + Stress Response Support
Depression Support
Food and Environmental Allergies
Female Hormone Balance and Support
Male Hormone Support
Maintaining Cancer Remission
Cognition and Memory Support
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Improving Body Composition
Skin Health | Acne | Eczema

Optimizing Special Diets

Vitamin, Mineral, or Fatty Acid Deficiency
Carbohydrate-Controlled Diet
Ketogenic Diet
Grain-Free Diet
Gluten-Free Diet
Dairy-Free Diet
Vegan Diet
Vegetarian Diet
“Paleo” Diet
Low Uric Acid Diet
Low Histamine Diet
Low Tyramine Diet
Low Oxalate Diet
Nightshade-Free Diet
Detoxification Support Diet
Autoimmune Supportive Diet
Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Medical Nutrition Therapy for Disease Management

Type 2 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes, LADA
Kidney Disease (Stages 3 and 4)
Heart Disease | Coronary Artery Disease | Hypertension
Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Support
Chronic Fatigue and Malaise
Multiple Sclerosis
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder | PMS
Osteopenia | Osteoporosis
Disordered Eating | Remission Maintenance
Cancer (Adjunct to Treatment)
Kidney Stones | Urinary Challenges
Celiac Disease | Gluten Sensitivity

Digestive Difficulties

Heartburn/GERD | Gastritis
Gingivitis | Oral Health
Gallbladder and Bile Support | Post Gallbladder Removal
Intestinal Permeability
Food Sensitivities and Restrictions
Irritable Bowel Syndrome | Bowel Cramping
Bloating, Gas, and other lower bowel discomfort
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis)
Microbiome Support (Probiotic Support)

Life Stage Support

Feeding the Busy Professional
Early Adult Female Hormone Support Perimenopausal Nutrition and Healthy Female Aging
Nutrition for Healthy Male Aging

Disease Prevention

Nutritional Genomic Analysis (Nutrigenomics)
Weight Management
Supporting the Brain | Avoiding Alzheimer’s
Stabilizing Blood Sugar
Supporting your Adrenals and Thyroid
Plant-Strong, Vegetarian, and Vegan Diets
Detoxification | Liver Health
Supporting Gastrointestinal Health
Anti-Inflammatory Diet/Lifestyle
Immune System Support


Medical Nutrition Therapy for Disease Management
Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling
Comprehensive Nutrition/Lifestyle Intake Assessment
Meal Planning for Nutrition Needs | Addressing Deficiencies
Culinary Guidance | Recipe Recommendations
Nutrition Education: Foods and Supplements
Nutritional + Functional Lab Analysis
24 hour Dietary Recall (Easy, Online!)
Strategies for Eating Out
Professional Grade Supplements Available
Intermittent Fasting Techniques
Mindful Eating Practices

Mind-Body Tools

Mindful Eating Techniques
incl. Intuitive Eating
incl. Mindful Chewing for Digestive Support
incl. Mindful Methods for Eating Out
incl. Mindful Strategies for Portion Control
Breathing Exercises
Progressive Goal Setting
Mantra, Journaling, + Active Reflection
Concentration Techniques
Meditation Techniques

Kinetic Support

Yoga Poses and Sequences
Progressive Endurance Plan
Exercise Support : Blood Sugar
Exercise Support : Dietary Balance
incl. Nutrition Support for Muscle Building
incl. Nutrition Support for Muscular Pain

Other Integrative Tools

Environmental Education
Sleep Support Beyond Diet
Essential Oils (Health and Household)
Recipes: DIY Personal Care Products
Recipes/Guidelines: DIY Home Cleaning Products

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